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  (Counsel for the Receiver)  

Notice by David S. Mandel, Receiver, to All Debtors and Creditors of OMG Tech Help LLC, Vast Tech Support LLC, and certain related entities.


The offices of OMG Tech Help are presently closed.  Information is available via this website, which will be expanded and updated as additional information becomes available.


On November 10, 2014, the Federal Trade Commission and the State of Florida filed a Motion for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against OMG Tech Help LLC and certain related entities.  The TRO Motion alleges that OMG Tech Help and others engaged in deceptive business practices through “a multi-million dollar computer repair scheme that exploits consumers’ fears about computer viruses, malware and other security threats.”  The TRO Motion can be viewed by clicking here.


On November 12, 2014, the Honorable Kenneth A. Marra, United States District Judge for the Southern District of Florida, entered an Order appointing David S. Mandel as the Receiver for OMG Tech Help LLC, Vast Tech Support LLC, and certain other related entities, and giving Mr. Mandel authority over those entities.  A copy of the Court’s Temporary Restraining Order can be viewed by clicking here.


Investigation is ongoing and additional information will be provided via this website as it becomes available.


Individuals may forward information to David S. Mandel, Receiver, at



Consumers and Others: Please direct any questions you have regarding this matter to the Federal Trade Commission’s general toll free line – 877 FTC HELP (382-4357).  Make sure you specifically state your call is in regards to Vast Tech Support, LLC and Matter Number X150040 (FTC v. Boost Software, Inc., et al.).


This Notice comes from the office of David S. Mandel, the court-appointed Receiver for Vast Tech Support, LLC, OMG Tech Help, LLC, Success Capital, LLC, Jon Paul Holdings, LLC, OMG International, LLC, and any related entities (“Receivership Entities”).  By this Notice, the Receiver is informing the public regarding the latest events in the Receivership.


            Pursuant to his court-ordered duties as Receiver, Mr. Mandel submitted his Final Report to the Court, addressing various topics, including but not limited to the Receiver’s efforts to wind down the Receivership Entities, turning over the remaining Receivership Estate Funds to the Plaintiffs, and withholding an amount in the Receivership Estate for completion of certain outstanding tax-related matters.  Along with this Notice, the Receiver has posted a copy of the Final Report  here


 On May 12, 2017, the Receiver filed his Supplemental Report (link to document here).






Please direct inquiries to David S. Mandel, Receiver, at:   OR 786-360-0224 


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